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Yes, we have a forum.

I thought I’d make a quick reminder for anyone who goes online for extended periods of time but has virtually nothing to read by midday. If you look at the righthand colum, you’ll see in External SMBFC the title “New Boards.” Just click that and you’ll be magically whisked away to a land where you can talk about porn or comics. True, you have to register, but it should only take a minute. Hope to see you there!

And for you lazy people, here’s a direct link:

SMBFG – Free Comic Book Day

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Really busy FCBD this time around! In addition to comics, we had some Roma’s, gardened, played with Indy, sought (and found) an Empanada place nearby (Morristown), had shakes and watched EQUILIBRIUM! Easily the greatest film with the highest brow.

SMBFP Episode 9: The Tubes (FINALLY!)

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Sal and Sam catch up and discuss a myriad of bullshit, from Obama’s Soviet-esque grip on The Tubes (formerly “The Internet”), to poop vigilantes. One episode behind the milestone 10th Episode!

It’s tentatively hosted on a free network called 4shared. Download, or click the bar above the download option to listen right off the ‘net!

SMBFG – BBQ & Bath Time

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We had a really fun Saturday, full of frisbee, cooking, and Predator 2. Sadly, all I got was some food preparation shots, and a few of us hanging around. So it wouldn’t seem too empty, I piggybacked Indy’s first bath along with it, that following Monday. So yeah, there’s more pictures of Indy on the galleries, but I’ll take more shots the next time we do something.

If anyone else has pictures from that day, let me know and I’ll give you the info to upload your shots to the album!

Podcast! Nooooo!

•April 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

Just finished editing together the 9th installment of SMBFP and remembered that SMBFC.NET’s system is down! Curses!

We’ll try to get that up and running soon. Sorry for the delay (it’s mostly my fault*).

*It’s all Jason’s fault.

SMBFD – Heritage Grille

•April 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Dining around town when you’ve got a narrow variety of options becomes difficult really quickly. If you’re in Denville, your dining options are even more limited. You have a horrible pizza place, Steward’s Root Beer joint (which we’ll get to one of these days), the Denville Diner (which is routinely slow or closed), and two other places we’ll get to. One such option is The Heritage Grille, which boasts a great game, and shows its popularity when it’s nice enough to eat outside. But is the place as good as it says it is?

Kind of.

Don’t get me wrong: Heritage Grille has some great menu items. Their star-shaped cornbread is excellent. They come with every meal you order, in addition to some muffins and bread which are also both delicious. These are staples of the place, and make for a very pleasant first impression.

Their burgers and sandwiches are very nice. They’re obviously not going to be thick, juicy, all-American burgers like you’d find at a burger joint, but they do embody a kind of classy, upscale reputation when you order them. The So-Cal burger, for example, is the only burger I can order with avocado in the entire Morris County area. Its combination of burger, cheese, toppings (including the green versatile veggie) are simply excellent. Likewise, most burgers you order will not disappoint.

Signature salads are a big thing at the Grille. They, too, are quite appetizing. They offer a wide variety of salads with really unique choices that make it perfectly acceptable to order a salad for dinner.

The real drawback to Heritage Grille is their prices. For a place on Broadway in Denville, the place has pretty good parking and location availability. Sadly, the salads cost an arm and a leg, and if you order anything besides the burger you’ll be met with decent enough options with a very pleasant topping or sauce, for a price near or over $20. I’m sure Denville’s outrageous rent has something to do with it, but it certainly is discouraging when you’re compiling a list of places to dine, for two.

Likewise, the seating is odd. There are booths, yes, and they appear to be quaint, pub-style booths. When you sit down, however, they are either cheap or too-authentic. They move very easily, and they are probably quite comfortable for a child or tiny person. If you’re over five and a half feet tall, however, you’ll find your legs searching for another place to sit.

Their to-go options are great. Phone ahead and by the time you get there, more often than not, it’ll be ready. Sit down and eat, and you’ll probably wait longer, though. If you have no place to go, or you’re not in much of a hurry, though, it should be a nice experience.

The staff is also very nice. I’ve only encountered one employee who wasn’t 100% great, but it had more to do with a language barrier than a personality deficiency.

In the end, Heritage Grille might be a nice option if you’d like a sit-down meal at home, but you don’t want to cook anything. And check out that So-Cal burger. Seriously, it’s awesome.

Three flags (3/5).

Heritage Grille
18 Broadway
Denville, NJ 07834


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I barely noticed, but with the new arrival of Indiana, we now have more than three hundred albums (303, to be exact) in the Galleries. That’s a lot of friggin’ pictures.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our misadventures and events, both monumental and insignificant. I’ve enjoyed being a part of them.