SMBFG – A Halloween party

halloweenThis was one of our times we decided to flat-out “have a party.” I remember this was during this nebulous period where Erin and Peter’s condo had just been painted, and we were all just figuring things out. For me, at least, this was an especially interesting point in my life because this was the Halloween right after graduation. I was home a little over five months by this point, permanently. Anyway, onto hilarious costumes.

I remember being completely strapped for an idea for a costume weeks before this party. One day, I think Keenan and I were just discussing the possibility of being my own characters. When we heard Ben was going to be there, we were definitely all in. Tim had just visited a few days prior, so we were pretty hopeful we could convince him to stick around for the party.

That didn’t happen, but we had already picked up ear extensions, and Keenan got a pole for his staff. Ben was especially excited about the prospect of making the Cynicism shirt. This was, of course, before we changed Ben to Lechery (appropriately). I recall my tail being really hard to make, but working out kind of well.

Chris wanted to be a pirate, and I gave him an inexpensive idea. I think it worked out. Peter and Erin were Wendy and Peter, which I thought was a great idea. Peter went all-out for that. I don’t remember if it was a custom costume or not. Either way, good show. Their kitten Mickey was getting bigger, but was definitely still a kitten by this point. I can imagine the big hairless apes he saw on a regular basis dressed, now, like monsters probably blew his little kitten mind.

We had music, food, and horrible “horror” movies to watch. One such film was an abomination called “Backwoods,” which was practically one or two steps away from a snuff film. It was home-made, and involved a male playing a female giving birth in the woods. It was… well, it delivered on its premise. It was horrific.

Jason and Lisa arrived shortly before Backwoods began. Jason’s lumberjack costume (complete with real axe) was confused for the Brawny paper towel guy more than a few times. The prospect of being called Brawny appealed to Jason, who I think embraced his new identity.

Erin was excited to take our picture as three out of the Four Jackasses of the Apocalypse, and just around the time of the picture, Keenan sneezed on me. You can watch the progression here. Damn.

Right after the party, Chris headed off to another Halloween party he promised someone he’d go to. Ben and Keenan and I headed back to my house to play Catan, which was more or less a staple of any gathering. Chris joined us really shortly thereafter, and we took full advantage of my N64 system with my still-coveted Goldeneye game. God, I love License to Kill mode.

The events herein transpired on October 29th, 2005.

~ by Crivelliman on April 6, 2009.

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