The Wonderful World of Boshi Basiik

img_6807sizedSusan Nguyen has what many of us want desperately. Her own business. The freedom to travel and be her own boss. But that’s not what we’re talking about here, is it?

It’s the adorable hats!

In reality, Ms Nguyen’s shop, “The Wonderful World of Boski Basiik” is an entrepreneurship that has quite a wide range of products, which in turn reach a wide range of people who are addicted to cuteness.

Her online shop sells fashions across the board. Velvet Sparkle specializes in providing cutesy, shiny, girly stuff from clothes to jewelry, to random teeny-weeny accessories. And with spring fast approaching, some select items in the Sparkle Shop are on sale for reasonable deals.

Over at the Boshi-Basiik (or “Basic Hat”), we find where Nguyen’s talents truly lie: fabric construction. We had an opportunity to meet with Ms Nguyen and sample some of her wares, which included adorable hats and scarves, made in the image of sweet, lovable, cute animals.

One of the most incredible aspects of her hats is the integrity they contain. Sturdy, warm, stylish, and sweet, they are hand-made and machine washable which (at least in my mind) is a real testament to their construction and value. The scarves, while slightly more in price, are an especially original way to stave off freezing to death, particularly if you’re in New York in February.

She also features her online art portfolio, “My Favorite Phantom,” which you can check out here.

We had a chance to chat at this past NY Comic Con, and she was so cool and genuine, I was much more inclined to pick something up. The fact that the hats themselves were constructed really well, combined with the fact that they had a wide range of animals and styles, sold me almost instantly. This is the kind of enterprise I can get behind, because the service offered is done with professionalism, hospitality, and grace, carrying a true quality product.

And you can trust our word that Bosh Basiik hats are quality stuff, because some of us actually own one or two…


~ by Crivelliman on March 12, 2009.

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