Terminator concerns

I’m a little worried for two reasons. Sure, there’s lots of reasons to be worried. Especially since it’s tax season, the economy’s in the crapper, Iran is on the President’s radar again, and there’s three little “slider” burgers in my fridge and I’m on a diet. There’s plenty of reasons to be “a little worried,” and I picked two of them.

The reason I’m worried is because Terminator Salvation looks really friggin’ cool. I’m an avid Terminator fan, but I hate 50% of Terminator properties out there. T3 and the show just don’t do it for me. But every time I see a piece of footage from this McG movie, I feel this feint glimmer of hope. Hope that I was encouraged to have at the end of T2, where a machine (a “terminator,” if you will) could learn the value of human life in a world such as ours.

For some reason, I love the Terminator mythology. The idea of a killer robot that looks like Arnold Schwartzenegger is cool in and of itself. Then you combine this human condition aspect: a woman who never asked for the destiny she was given, but became mother to the world anyway, a boy who has to live up to his own Christ-like reputation, and a young, war-torn man who crossed time to be with a woman he had never met, but would die for her, regardless. Then they took that and made it into a bullshit R-rated cartoon.

But this new trailer keeps filling me with hope. And that’s why I’m worried. Because I’m beginning to have faith in Terminator again.

Second thing I’m worried about? Myself, for thinking about all of this so much. Yikes.

New trailer for Terminator Salvation

~ by Crivelliman on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Terminator concerns”

  1. I liked the new trailer, but then I saw the giant transformer and the terminator motorcycles and that worried me. Also, Jonathon Nolan didn’t get involved until halfway through the production, and basically said they had to start rewriting the script on the spot. They were writing the script the day before shooting usually, which could be awesome or terrible.

  2. I havent seen anything that made me want to like Terminator salvation. But on another note, I’m a bit confused whenever somone says something is “like a cartoon” I start to wonder when cartoons became a bad thing.

    • No offense meant, sir. I mean when you take a live-action movie and throw so much CG into it, it might as well be a Pixar movie. Furthermore, I called it a “bullshit R-rated cartoon,” not a “cartoon.” I don’t use the term “cartoon” negatively. I used “bullshit cartoon,” like New Star Wars for example, with negative connotation. To me, there’s a big difference.

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