New York Comic Con 2009, Day 3

Day 3 wound down the con. We were tired, and knew enough of the floor to make our way around it plenty. There were a lot of kids for Kids Day, but more babies and little kids, per se. Highlights included:

  • Penny Arcade’s Kids and Comics panel. It was informative, hilarious, and such a boon for kids. Too bad only four of them were present. The rest were mild PA fans who asked annoying questions. Paige seemed to enjoy it some of the time– she drew stuff when the guys gave instruction. Also, their advice on buying hats at the zoo was invaluable.
  • Seeing Paige have fun and be dazzled by everything.
  • Paige meeting Tiny Titans creator and artist Franco Aureliani.
  • Paige meeting Matthew Holm, co-creator of Baby Mouse.
  • Meeting Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Awesome.
  • The City and Tunnel traffic was unbelievably crappy, though.

Good times, and Paige expressed interest in going next year! We’ll see how it goes, and what they have lined up in… October of 2010?! Jesus.


~ by Crivelliman on February 16, 2009.

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