New York Comic Con 2009, Day 2

Day 2 was full of people and more con-age. More highlights:

  • The largest group assembled for the con yet. It actually never got out of hand, or too chaotic.
  • Actually buying comics this year. I never buy comics at the comic-con. Now I do. Trade paperbacks are good ‘n cheap. Not cheaper than Amazon, but if I don’t want to pay that stupid $4 shipping fee, it’s worth it.
  • Getting so many pictures of myself with colorful costumed characters. I always wanted to do that, and I hope to continue that tradition.
  • “Chewie” rubbing my head. Awesome.
  • Manganaro’s always-incredible Italian food. Holy shit.
  • BEING a Ghostbuster with the new GB game. I cannot friggin wait.
  • Remote-controlled, life-sized R2D2. How awesome. He developed a cult-following.
  • Watching my girlfriend get literally bumped into by Doc Hammer, who looked over his shoulder to see if anyone noticed, and then quickly turned forward and hurried away to avoid a possible confrontation.
  • Haggling. Always fun. Sometimes pays off. It did for me!
  • “Thor doesn’t smile!” Thanks, nerd.
  • Being a Press Agent.

Some negatives included the shittiest service in the world back home at the Cracker Barrel, and no deals on Toon Tumblers.

If anyone has any stories of their own, please share them! Any moments that ruled or sucked? Post a comment!

Stay tuned for Sunday’s last day of the con. Good times with Paige!

And of course, here’s a random snap from the day:


~ by Crivelliman on February 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “New York Comic Con 2009, Day 2”

  1. Looking fun!

  2. ahh memories. Wish I was still close enough to go to that con.

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