Comics rant: Ultimate offense

lafuentespideyApparently I spoke too soon. Apparently if I claim to like something enough, and use a public forum through which to simply say: “keep it up,” I get a fucking retcon. All right, maybe not a full-fledged retcon, but certainly a goddamn “status-quo shake up” that nobody asked for.

According to

Following cataclysmic events in the current Ultimatum event, the entire Ultimate line will publish its final issues in April, putting an end to a 133-issue run for Ultimate Spider-Man.

In July, the Ultimate line will begin anew as “Ultimate Comics,” with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 in July featuring Bendis as writer with art by David Lafuente, who drew Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3.

Bendis told Newsarama in August: “We’re not going anywhere. But Ultimatum will absolutely be felt in my book. It will alter the course of my book. And it will alter the supporting cast of my book in a dramatic way. So I can promise you you’ll feel something different.”

The only good news out of this is that David Lafuente will be doing regular penciling duties for Ultimate Spidey. However, nobody asked for the change. I certainly am not hurting for good art in this comic! It’s not like I can say, “Whew! At least the art will be good!” The art’s already good! Good? It’s great!

Now with that in mind, I got a chance to chat with Mr. Lafuente at the New York Comic Con yesterday, and he is a legitimately decent guy. Personable, humble, and incredibly talented. And fast. These are the qualities you want in a regular penciller for your comic. And I saw what might have been a cover for an upcoming “Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man,” and I was just blown away. I won’t share the nature of it, because he seemed pretty protective of it at the time. What blew my mind was that his booth was completely deserted. Nobody was talking to the man. Surprised me, since he’ll probably be swamped at the next convention he goes to (this one being his first).

But seriously: Ultimate Comics? You really needed that much of a shake-up? I thought we were just getting some house cleaning done. Not an entirely new effing status-quo! And the entire nature of the only book featuring Spider-Man that I like, is going to be changed? I think this may be the end of Spider-Man, entirely, for me.

First it was the movies. SM3 assured me they don’t know how to make a Spider-Man movie. Then it was mainstream (or “616”) Spidey, rendering him an impotent, immature dickhead. Now we’re going to change the whole thing about U. Spidey that I found sanctuary in. I may be done.

We’ll see where Ultimatum takes us, but I think we’re through the looking glass here, people.

~ by Crivelliman on February 9, 2009.

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