Movie Bites – The Dark Knight on IMAX

tdk-cityA few of us got together and saw (after some slick coordination) the IMAX re-release of The Dark Knight. I have to say, I’ve seen this movie three times in theaters, not including this venture. I wondered if, in fact, “Big Batman” would really matter or not.

I saw Batman Begins on IMAX, and was rather unimpressed. It had a lot to do with the Bourne-inspired quick-cut-choreography, I think. Things were disorienting, and the sweeping, epic shots of the areas were few and far-between.

This time around– completely different experience. They shot multiple scenes with IMAX cameras and took full advantage of “the IMAX Experience.” Epic, sweeping arial shots of Hong Kong, “Gotham,” and different set-pieces of Gotham (i.e. Chicago) were all expansive and incredible. When Batman leaps off the top of the tallest building in Hong Kong, you are absolutely aware you are watching an IMAX movie.

The sound was pretty great, though I still imagine it’ll be as impressive in my living room.

That’s about it. We’ve all seen it and we know it rocks, but seeing it big was pretty effing epic. Shots you would normally take for granted practically grab you by the shoulders and force you to look over a chasm of awesome.

Makes me wish another superhero movie had been given the IMAX makeover: Iron Man. That would have been pretty goddamn sweet. Still, I’m happy we got The Dark Knight. I’m glad I was given a second chance to catch it.

(And if Watchmen is anywhere close to as good as the trailer, that will be worth catching on the big, big screen as well.)

~ by Crivelliman on January 26, 2009.

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