So a few months ago, Erik Larsen put Barack Obama in his comic, Savage Dragon #137. As pedantic as it sounds, it actually made a modicum of sense. Larsen clearly was an Obama fan, he writes, draws and created the book, and the Savage Dragon is a cop from Chicago. Makes a little bit of sense.

Then Obama showed up in Spider-Man (Amazing #583) and everybody went stupid, like it was 1992 or something. The book sold out before it hit the goddamn stands, and everybody who doesn’t read comis went out to essentially pick up a Betty Brant story with a five-page story about Obama playing basketball against the Chameleon (and yes, that’s about as offensive as it can get, I think). But even that made the teeniest amount of sense, with the two facts that Marvel will pair Spidey with whoever’s popular in mainstream media, and Obama reportedly actually reads (or used to, at least) Spider-Man comics.

But now? Now it’s officially ridiculous. And worse yet? I’m going to have to hear all about it, because I read comics.

With this kind of bullshit, not for long.

~ by Crivelliman on January 15, 2009.

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