Day of Defeat

I was sitting alone the other day, thoughtlessly killing Allied forces, when it occurred to me: I’ve been killing twelve year-olds and bots! And I could have spent the better part of an hour shooting close friends and aquaintences! How is this possible, you ask? How can I pwn Sal, you want to know?

To answer the first question, it’s really rather simple. Go to Steam’s main site, download Steam, setup an account, and pick up (if you haven’t already) a copy of plain ol’ Day of Defeat for about five bucks (note: do not download Day of Defeat: Source; that’s a whole different bag). Then find me. A few of us are on there, already, including Ben, Jason, Ethan, Tiff, Danielle, Keenan, and I think Chris is on there, too.

Let me know if/when you’ve done it, and we can setup some shooting sessions. Trust me– it takes very little to run the game well, and it’s a small learning curve. And once you’ve got it, it can really hook you in. I think it’s a fun way to get together if nobody feels like doing anything, but you still have that pesky rage built up from a week of work.

And for those of you who own it already– call me and play!


~ by Crivelliman on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Day of Defeat”

  1. I will have to jump into one of these games, I think I still have this. I’ll tell Steam to load it up.

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