Tales from ComiCon – Part 2

As I said in the last post, I wanted to talk about the following (and my last) day of the New York Comic Con!

We hit the floor almost immediately. The line was inside this year, and folded over. It ran much better than in previous years. My buddies Jason and Lisa stood in line with me, until I got a call requiring my attendance on the show floor. It was at this time that Stan Lee appeared on the line and shook hands with Jason and proceeded on his way. Missed opportunity to meet Stan Lee #1!

Walked around the floor for a bit, quite familiar with the expereince from the previous day. I had a sketchbook ready for sketches, knowing full well I’d probably not get any. This was, as it turned out, more or less for naught as nobody was offering sketches for less than $50.

Along the way, I saw 1/3rd of Newsarama’s famous vid-casting trio, Pete (from Pulp Secret’s Alex, Justin, and Pete). Pete was interviewing Jim Valentino (co-Image founder and creator of Shadowhawk), who had just signed Tiffany’s copy of Who Is Shadowhawk #1. After the interview, I approached Pete and introduced myself, shared my opinion about One More Day, and offered him a copy of Horsemen. Pete was cool, and reminded me of pretty much most of my friends who dig comic books. The dude could totally assimilate with my comic-loving friends in Richmond, whom I affectionately refer to as “The Lone Gunmen.” One of ’em writes for I-Mockery!

I hit up a few panels, as well. Nothing really of note, though. I went to the Quick Stop Entertainment panel, the last panel of the day. After a vid-cast of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and a cartoon preview of Strange Brew, I ultimately decided it was a complete waste of time. I also inadvertently offended someone, which I really didn’t mean to do, and it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the day.

Earlier, we hit up the Stan Lee panel, and I used my press pass to get to the front of the room. Stan was led past us and through the rear, where my girlfriend Tiffany and friends Keenan and Danielle all met Stan and shook his hand. Missed opportunity to meet Stan Lee #2!

My buddy Keenan and I bought a pair of Kendo sticks to spar with the Jedis with lightsabers, and after we started beating on each other, we were promptly asked to stop by a “Jedi” in dreds. Apparently we weren’t using ballet and going slow enough for them to feel comfortable with us sparring. This is true, because we usually beat the living hell out of each other when given the opportunity. I had hoped to have a big swordfight erupt in the Con and spread throughout the floor, but it stopped before it really even began. Still, got a cool Kendo stick out of the deal.

Talked to a guy named Vincent Ferrante, writer and creator of a book called “The Witch Hunter.” He was a really cool guy who gave me some really great advice about getting noticed and possibly picked up. We also half-seriously chatted about crossing over characters.

I went back to Archadia Studios Press to talk about Horsemen. Chatted with the editor, who seemed interested in the book. Liked the art, liked the dialog, and took a copy. He mentioned that he (like apparently most of them) won’t be looking at proposals for new books until late August, early September. We’ll see around then if I get a call. I shot him an email this past Monday reminding him who I was and what I sent him, as per his request.

A few points of interest:

* Met a Ghostbuster (who interestingly enough, did not come with the other three Ghostbusters who were also in attendance).
* Met the only Royal Guard there and got a pic before he left.
* Learned about a new zombie board game which could be fun, but could also be stupid and boring.
* Haggled over the price of one of those microbe dolls for Tiffany. She got “Sore Throat.”
* Got a LOT of free shit from this year’s Con.

All in all, a good time and a great experience. I’m hoping next year will be all the better. Definitely going to try to get that Professional Creator status again. Could not stress enough how helpful that was. Also, I think I like Fridays more than Saturdays, at the Con.

~ by Crivelliman on April 25, 2008.

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