Comic Con…The After Glow

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Well the New York City Comic Con has been offically over for three days now.  Having gone for all three days I can honestly say it was both amazing and exhausting!  The Con was bigger then ever this year and there were even more people present to enjoy it.  We at SMBFC had a great time and got a chance to meet some great folk from the comic book, video game, and publishing industry!  We are planning on getting reviews and insights on the Con over the next few days!

-Posted by: The Real Zubes

2010 New York Comic-Con

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With the NYC comic-con fast approaching we at SMBFC wanted to remind our followers that although most of our post have been found on our development blog, we will be posting our comic-con coverage here as well.  This con is going to be larger then any we have attended before and hope to bring you as much exposure of of not only the “comic” part of the con but also the anime section!  Keep checking in and following our twitter as well!

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Monsters like Josh

•August 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

Our old buddy Josh Covington just launched his own production blog. Thought it prudent to showcase it a bit! Check it out and dig on the upcoming book! You can now find it in our links.

Happy 4th anniversary

•July 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Erin and Peter have been married for four years! That’s like, a whole high school career. Man! Wish ’em well, everybody!

Relive the day!

SMBFG – Jenna graduates

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Wanna see a typical Bard College graduation? Look no further, ladies and gents! Jenna graduated!

Happy 3rd anniversary

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Happy anniversary to Justin and Katy, who are enjoying three years of marriage today! And this year they have a little sweetheart who has no idea what that means!


Relive the day!

Happy graduation, Jenna!

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Jenna graduates from Bard College today! Huge congratulations, and best wishes from a proud big brother.